Educational Trips

Educational trips to summer schools abroad

Every summer since 2006 Hydragogy covers the cost of educational trips to summer schools abroad for the children of Hydra. So far more than 75 kids have participated in the program. For photos press here.


  • 2006 University of Kent (UK))
  • 2007 The University of Northampton (UK)
  • 2008 University of the West of England (UK)
  • 2009 Nation Campus Paris (France)
  • 2010 Brunel University (UK)
  • 2011 University of Leicester (UK)
  • 2012 University of Westminster (UK)
  • 2014 University of Westminster (UK)
  • 2015 University of Westminster (UK)
  • 2017 Cats College, Cambridge (UK)
  • 2018 Brunel University (UK)
  • 2019 Make a donation

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